Sunday, November 07, 2010

My Hamster

Delicious chewy mealworms... Yummy!

Wheeeee.... Running on the wheel

My hamster also has a sad story. He was found abandoned beside the rubbish chute on my floor, and been with us for quite a while since (1 year maybe?). His favourite foods include mealworms, jelly (which my fat brother mistook for human consumption and ate some), and drinking loads of water. The foodstick you see in the second photo has been gobbled down already.
Btw in case you are wondering where hamster stays with all the cats, he stays in a separate (cat-free) room. Sometimes, he gets visits from his much bigger feline friends when we open the door. They are always fascinated to see him.

Purrfect Card

Looks alot like DD Xiong!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Big Giant Polar Bear for Sale

If you can carry this X-kg "polar bear" away, that is.

Hair Loss is not a problem

About two years ago, we brought Thiru to the vet, as her (yes, Thiru is female) hair seemed to be dropping for no reason. One whole patch of fur was for a long time. The vet said that there was nothing much that could be done, as it was really a hormonal problem.

Fast forward to two years later, we brought Thiru to another vet. To rule out other possible causes of hair loss, the vet did a blood test on Thiru. He also checked that it was not due to mites (which we thought to be the case, since the hair loss seemed to be getting worse).

Mites and blood test turned out to be negative (thankfully), so vet recommended to give her hormonal pills instead. We now give her half-tablet once every two days. I must say that I'm quite impressed with this vet for once again (a) being thorough and (b) being able to bring cure when previous vets have not.

Thiru today
Thiru on 14 Aug 2010 - her fur was still quite jia lat
Thiru on 11 Sep 2010 - Tada! Her fur is much thicker.


In early August 2010, we picked up Ah Wong as he was limping. A visit to the vet saw his fur being shaved off. The vet also flushed out his wound.

Ah Wong has since recovered in a matter of days and is now back to his outside home. When he sees us, he will still make his "poen-yo, poen-yo" meow.

Shaved left leg

Busy drinking water - Ah Wong likes to drink alot

His fat body with fat dominoes that also looks like the chinese Weiqi

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fat Orange Fur

Here's a familiar face on my blog - Xiami aka Fei2 Mi3 aka Fat Rice Cat taken on 9 Feb 2010. Her eyes are getting much better, and it's mainly because she's gone to another vet for a second opinion. This vet suggested that her eye infections are due to an allergy, which was causing them to become puffy. The vet recommended putting her on hypoallergenic cat biscuits, which I tried. It has since worked very well, and Fat Rice's conditions have stabilised since then. Since 2010, I have not seen her eyes become puffy and red unlike in the past :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Grinning Cat

Ding Ding Mei is a semi-stray and comes out at night. This a shot taken of her when she was sterilised last month. Since then, she has been released back. We tried tailing her to see if she would lead us to her house one night, but she knew we were spying on her at the staircase and came running towards us instead. We'll see if there's another chance to follow her again.

Money-kia comes out for a shoot and sun

Money-kia comes out for some food and lies down for a shoot. She has this naughty look on her face in daylight and her eyes look crossed in this picture.

Book Sale!

I dropped by the warehouse book sale today to check out what's on sale. Besides buying a couple of other books, I also got two more cats-related books (the third one was bought during the world book fair at Suntec). The place wasn't too difficult to find (just opposite the 409 AMK Ave 10 market), and it wasn't crowded at all thankully. Plus, books were going as cheap as $5! For more details on the sale, check out the details here.

I particularly like the book "Problem cats & their owners", as it is one of the rare and more comprehensive books about cat behaviour.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sprout! - Newer and Better

We are relaunching registration for SPROUT!


6 June 2009: Comic Drawing and Sketching Workshop conducted by Mr Arron Teo

07 June 2009: Blogging and Photography Workshop at Sungei Buloh Water Reserve conducted by Mr Sivasothi, Ms Ria Tan, Mr Kenneth Pinto and Ms Colleen Goh

This time, it is in June! SPROUT! is a series of environmental workshops with a new twist! You can learn new media skills while learning interesting facts on Singapore’s environment and wildlife! This series of workshop is for youths aged 15 and above.

At the end of the workshops, we hope you will be able to set up your school or community environmental blog! In fact, we got volunteers who will assist and guide you along the way!

Simply fill up our registration online form here. Registration deadline is 3 June 2009. Successful applicants will be notified by email on 4 June 2009.For school and group registration, please contact our recruitment officer at

See you there!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Miu Miu

This is Miu Miu, one of the cats in my neighbourhood who recently was found limping on her right leg. We took her to the vet for a check-up but luckily nothing was broken. It was suspected that Miu Miu got injured in a fight. She's since recovered and now back in her 'home' downstairs... She was probably dearly missed by her god-mother and god-father who have been feeding her all this while.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Cats around Singapore Town

Have you seen them before? :)